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Letter: Fight the COLA freeze

Randy Fricke
New Castle

The recent decision by our federal government to deny senior citizens a Social Security COLA (Cost-of-Living Adjustment) for 2016 is a terrible decision and needs to be reversed immediately. Denying senior citizens on Social Security an annual COLA is criminal. This decision by our government affects 65 million Americans, including myself.

The Social Security monthly payment in America averages around $1,340. This is poverty-level income. They are forcing thousands and maybe millions of senior citizens to skip prescriptions or skip buying nutritious food they deserve. The government wants to keep our money and blow it on its continued failed military interventions in the Middle East or more undeserved foreign aid or both. It is not the government’s money — it is our money.

I have asked members of our Colorado congressional delegation, specifically Sen. Michael Bennet and Reps. Scott Tipton and Diana DeGette, to organize a joint letter to be sent to President Obama requesting that the government’s actions on COLA be reversed immediately. Please join me in contacting our representatives in Washington, D.C., about this terrible decision. If you are a senior citizen, you should be extremely upset about this decision. I know I am.

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