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Letter: Final stages of capitalism

Watching the national election map turn red was like seeing a red infection of the skin spreading across a body. Like a cancer, an Ebola virus or a pine bark beetle infection, the deadly scourge is a parasite that seeks to suck the life out of its host. Every defense is gone. The immune system is cast aside: the free press and media, gone; an honest judiciary, gone; the right to vote of minorities, gone; an honest counting of votes, gone; the regulatory process, gone.

This disease seeks only wealth and power. They are inseparable; one feeds the other. Like a parasite fatal to its host, it is only self-serving. The 1 percent cares nothing for the 99; the fat billionaires will bleed the rest dry. Forget about social safety nets, forget about business regulation, forget about jobs, forget about universal education, forget about health protection, forget about fresh healthy foods and meats, forget about freedom of speech, forget about a living minimum wage, forget about clean air and water, and forget about taxes on wealth.

We are seeing capitalism in its final stages — it concentrates all value and wealth to the top. Only a handful of banks, insurance companies, health companies, food companies, communication companies, energy companies and large industry companies will remain. Competition will not exist. This is true fascism: a melding of the government and the commerce.

The elite will protect themselves against any challenge or unrest with a massive military and a heavily armed and militarized police force. Endless war becomes the economic driver. The media will bombard the population with the propaganda; as it does even now.

How did they do it? Millions of angry and frustrated voters, that could have turned the tide, stayed home. Hundreds of thousands more were actually removed from the voting rolls. Why did the House of Representatives do nothing this term and last? They wanted to focus all their energy on attacking Obama. They successfully made the word Obama toxic.

This was all by design. The object is to create a nationwide feeling of “learned helplessness.” You can keep a population in check, as was done with slaves, by creating the feeling that nothing can be done. That the politicians are mean, uncaring bought-and-sold crooks and that voting can’t change anything. And, they spent billions. The return on investment will be huge.

As a diehard conservative (and he will) told me just recently, everyone should take care of themselves. What bothers him the most is “those people” that are living off his tax money. The “undeserving” is one of the most powerful and effective propaganda messages ever created.

Forget about the Golden Rule and “I am my brother’s keeper.” And as a result; united we are not; and divided we will fall.

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