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Letter: Fire trucks, not bicycles

Jane Spaulding

I see where Governor Hickenlooper is planning on spending $30 million on bike paths. That is great if you’re young and have a bike.

Frankly, most older people either have an eyesight problem or their knees are bad and we are lucky to just walk around most days. Sorry, Hickenlooper, we are not going to be partaking of your bike program. At our age it’s hard to get around when one of us is on oxygen and can’t bike, and I don’t own a bike and don’t plan on getting one.

I do resent the fact that you’re planning on using millions of dollars on bike paths considering that this has already been done here in the Roaring Fork Valley. How many more tax hikes are going to be needed?

The schools want a tax hike and so does our fire department. Well, we put the names on a piece of paper and drew it out of a hat and our vote is going to the fire department. The schools already got theirs a couple of years ago.

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