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Letter: First, we have to vote

After reading “Where is the fix for our politics,” I would like to ask, what do we do?

I am very concerned that Fox News and its type of media have done a good job of getting people angry about our government to the point that some people are so confused that they are not even going to vote. I believe that is exactly what one of their goals was.

Now we have Hillary Clinton again, and while she is a great person and has done a lot of good, I find I am supporting Bernie, for many of the same reasons I caucused for President Obama — the big bank money and the fact that we need fresh ideas in our political system.

My question is, “How do we fix our politics?

First we have to register to vote, and then vote.

The latest election in Carbondale, 3,300 ballots sent out, and only 1,600 returned. That is only 49 percent returned.

How can the people who want to do something about our politics help?

I would love to hear some suggestions.

James Gilliam


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