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Letter: Focus on cost in ramp vs. elevator debate short-sighted

There is ongoing debate regarding the decision to construct an elevator/lift or a ramp to provide access to the new pedestrian bridge from Seventh Street.

Those who favor the ramp alternative focus on the cost of maintaining an elevator and the possible added cost of construction. Unfortunately, many of the costs associated with the ramp alternative are hidden and, therefore, harder to quantify. They include: loss of plaza space that could be used for year-round outdoor community events; loss of views of the most iconic sights in Glenwood (Hotel Colorado, the hot springs pool and bath house, and the Colorado River), obstructed views of the mountains; and, most importantly, significantly reduced accessibility for the elderly and handicapped.

But in my view, the largest costs are associated with lost opportunities. The city council’s top priority should be to create a beautiful, unique and exciting environment that invites both tourists and locals to gather and enjoy what our city offers. If the city is successful in achieving that goal, the investment will follow, property values will rise and tax revenues will increase. It would be short-sighted to lose those opportunities and potential long-term revenue for the city in order to save a few dollars today.

I respect that the city council feels the need to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money, but to walk away from many years of potentially huge future revenue increases (more than enough to offset up-front costs and ongoing maintenance) for perceived maintenance savings today is in my view short-sighted and irresponsible.

Jodie Collins

Glenwood Springs

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