Letter: Follow the process

The front page of the PI last week featured a picture of Marina Ortiz, holding a protest sign with this on it, “Licenses for all = safer roads. I drive Colorado.” I would assume that Ms. Ortiz and the others pictured do not have a valid driver’s license but drive anyway, considering their signs and the content of the article. Driver’s licenses are a privilege in this country and not a right.

Every state sets the requirements needed to obtain a driver’s license. Only a few states have passed laws allowing the undocumented to legally secure a driver’s license. In 2013 Colorado joined that list. The state provided two places for the undocumented to go and some people exploited or took advantage of this by making appointments then selling them to the ones waiting. They have been stopped and will be dealt with accordingly.

Two years have passed and still Ms. Ortiz and her followers haven’t made an appointment because it’s hard and we shouldn’t have to wait that long. You have the time to stand around carrying signs in front of an American courthouse but not the patience to go through the process provided by this state for you to acquire a legal driver’s license. No, it may not be easy, but be thankful that the people of this state granted you the privilege to obtain a license.

Think about this. You came here illegally bypassing all the applications, investigations and paperwork required by our government. There are people who have been waiting years to come here, jumping through hoops, filling out countless forms, doing anything and everything, and waiting for the letter to come granting permission to enter the U.S.A., yet you protest about a driver’s license.

One last thing before I go. Even I, who was born and raised in Colorado, can’t get a driver’s license with just a Social Security card. If I misplace my license I must be able to prove who I am. It’s not “truly stupid” to require more ID.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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