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Letter: Food for thought

I worked the opening event at Peregrine Senior Care Facility a couple weeks ago. It was an event in partnership with the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce. And while I love the concept of a memory care facility like Peregrine in this valley, I had a concern.

While serving the event, I was asked by several members of the Chamber and the public about the food at the facility. They all loved the food that was abundantly prepared and served for the opening event, but asked over and over if this was the same quality farm-to-table they serve to residents on a daily basis. I told each of them to talk to the management for those answers as I certainly am not qualified.

After going to the companies social media pages and reading the plethora of articles posted on their site about the importance of organic foods being proven over and over how beneficial it is for those with memory issues, I am now asking the same questions fielded to me.

Knowing, relatively, the monthly fees paid by family members for residents in the memory care facility, I would like to know how much money per day is allotted per resident for nutritionally beneficial meals? Are they served organic high quality fruits and vegetables? Organic meats? Are they eating nutritionally void Iceberg lettuce or locally sourced dark leafy greens?

As a Private Holdings company it is, of course, impossible for me to actually follow the allotment of funds, so I decided to contact the marketing manager of the facility. She, as of this writing, has yet to respond. Though she did send over a nice batch of Peregrine made cookies to the Chamber.

I would love to, with good conscious, recommend the facility and not feel like they are pulling a bait-and-switch on the senior members of our community as is so rampant in the world of assisted living facilities. But alas, as I have not been given answers to my questions, I continue to speculate.

Marci Michelle


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