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Letter: For love of the West

The battle between those who wish to exploit the West for money and those who love the West and wish to preserve it for its aesthetic qualities and curative effects on the soul goes on.

Now, Rocky Mountain Resources wants to vastly expand its limestone quarry north of Glenwood Springs and a group of lovers who like their unfettered view of Iron Mountain is resisting them. 

It all started when the white capitalists ran the Native Americans off their sacred lands. The Native Americans had no use for the white man’s money and wouldn’t dream of trading Mother Earth for it. This thinking was anathema to the capitalist’s beliefs, so they killed the Native Americans and stole their land. 

From there, it’s been a steady procession of developers, coal companies, and oil and gas drillers seeking to despoil the West for money. The lovers usually lose these battles, but, every once in awhile, like the Thompson Divide, they win one.   

And we all win.                                                                     

Fred Malo Jr.                                                                     


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