LETTER: Four Mile Road should be formally closed

The points contained in Mabel Macdonald’s letter to the editor urging the county commissioners to formally close Four Mile Road to oil and gas traffic are important. A “promise” not to allow oil and gas traffic up Four Mile does nothing to prevent such activity without formal action.

Commissioner Jankovsky has stated that the commissioners will take anyone to court who challenges their position to close the road to oil and gas traffic, but without policy in place the county will have little to support their case. No one that I am aware of in Glenwood Springs, up Four Mile or engaged in the Thompson Divide Coalition supports the “improvements” being made to Four Mile if such changes are happening to accommodate oil and gas traffic for new well sites. If these improvements are not for industrial use, why are certain improvements being made … a million dollar bridge into Oak Meadows? … straightening of the curve near Black Diamond Road? … and why aren’t the commissioners willing to make the commitment in writing to close this road to future oil and gas traffic?

Currently, the public is trying to save the mountainside near Black Diamond Road scheduled for blasting for purposes of straightening the road. This curve is not only one of few calming devices on Four Mile Road, but the spectacular rock formation slated for destruction is cherished by all who travel this route daily. Further, if this rock formation is cut into, we will have the new hazards of falling rocks and speeding vehicles, hazards residents believe will be life threatening to all who travel Four Mile Road.

Please become involved at some level to save the Thompson Divide, Four Mile Road and the Glenwood Springs and Carbondale tourism economies from new oil and gas activity. As residents, business and land owners let’s come together to protect our lands, water resources, clean air, night skies, wildlife and sense of place.

Let’s begin by pressuring the commissioners to take demolishing a majestic mountainside up Four Mile Road off of the table and closing the road to oil and gas.

Trési Houpt

Glenwood Springs

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