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Letter: Fracking is completely safe

Stacey Linman
Glenwood Springs

In response to Sean Berry’s tongue-in-cheek diatribe addressing Randy Fricke’s letter on fracking etc., I for one don’t see the humor. The corrupt leading the blind should not shock me anymore, but it does.

Here’s my own tongue-in-cheek response. Fracking is “totally” safe. After all, the oil and gas industry says so, as do those wonderful trust-inspiring folks behind those ads on TV. They wouldn’t lie to us would they? After all, that would be morally and ethically wrong, wouldn’t it?

The number of jobs that the oil and gas industry provides is “staggering.” The industry could singlehandedly fix the unemployment crisis. The people who move to the area to take these jobs were moving here anyway, right?

Earthquakes in Ohio? Of course it has “nothing” to do with fracking. We can drill and drill and drill below the surface of the earth and it won’t have any negative impact at all. The industry says so, right? “Fracking has proven safe for over 50 years,” says the O/G industry. Of course it is. Creating huge holes in the planet we live on until it resembles a giant ball of Swiss cheese will have no impact whatsoever. The Industry says so.

Spills almost never happen; the industry says so. If spills or leaks do happen, it’s OK and offers no negative environmental impact because the industry says so right? Using millions of gallons of water for fracking? No problem; we can always find more, right? Better yet, let’s reuse the fracking water. It’s safe because the industry says so. Setbacks from rivers, residential properties, schools; they should remain as they are because fracking is safe. After all, the industry says so.

God forbid we actually do something smart for the planet. Let’s say no to effective, non-invasive ideas such as solar and wind (which, by the way, we have a neverending supply of). Let’s instead focus on name-calling, repealing laws that have already been passed and general hate-mongering.

The pro-fracking groups are never going to be satisfied until they make their money and sail off into the sunset. They will never admit that fracking is a dangerous practice and is ruining the planet and can never be undone once it is done. I don’t think anyone who is pro-fracking will ever get it until something catastrophic happens at their feet or in their own back yard.

The national bird for the U.S. should be the ostrich.

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