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Letter: Free-market solutions to energy problems

Hats off to our representative, Scott Tipton, for championing a bill that got rid of needless government regulation and takes a small step in reducing the carbon we put in the air. Representative Tipton made it much easier to get small hydroelectric projects approved in man-made canals, ditches, and other man-influenced waterways.

The next step Tipton and Republicans should take is to make a bold move to reduce carbon emissions: sponsoring a carbon fee and dividend bill. Such a bill (check out http://www.citizensclimatelobby.org) would create millions of jobs and strengthen our economy while drastically reducing the carbon entering our atmosphere. The best part of it is that it uses the free-market approach rather than relying on government regulations.

Tipton has shown he understands the need for free-market solutions to energy problems. Carbon fee and dividend is an obvious next step.

Peter Westcott

Carbondale, Colo.

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