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Letter: Freedom to marry

I would like to comment Mr. Kellogg’s column on 7/21 that accuses liberals trying to “invalidate traditional marriages.” It is offensive and far from fact. How can you possibly say that upholding of the pursuit of happiness is a ploy by “big government liberals?” What facts do you have to support this? As a humanitarian, how can you deny someone the right to share their lives with another person? It’s not hurting anyone.

Gays and lesbians have been around longer than the Christian Bible. In fact, by not allowing them to marry would be government oppression dominated by Judeo-Christian belief. This is, in my opinion, a major reason why the justices decided to pass it. I see this as a separation of church and state. They have the right to love and be loved.

What does it cost you? Nothing. In fact we will probably see a rise in state revenue from all the licenses being processed. Maybe in 30 years we will have more divorce lawyers, too. If anything we have opened a door to opportunity. Happier people means more productively, we might be higher up on the world happiness scale, and more focused on what we need to be doing to be a leader in human rights.

You have the right to the freedom of religion but not the right to dictate to others what is right. Jesus taught love and acceptance. While I’m not sure how it invalidates my marriage to my husband I am certainly excited to see my family friends express their true love for one another in New Orleans next year.

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