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LETTER: Freedoms or greed

Over the years we’ve seen a steady stream of letters that attempt to explain the “greatness” of America at the same time they layout the problems of the country. We’re told that “freedom” and “God-fearing” religion are keys to our success. And that “greed and mismanagement” are to blame for the shortcomings.

“Socialism” is always called evil, even though the U.S. has practiced socialism for decades in the form of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Head Start child care and other very popular programs. Other countries that practice these same forms of socialism are not failures but are in fact very successful; of course not without the problems that are universal. Problems such as “greed and mismanagement.”

Religious charities do their part, but they are by no means capable of coping with the widespread suffering of millions of Americans who lack enough food, adequate shelter and medical services. The quality of education is in decline in many areas. The cost of college is soaring and students are carrying huge debt just as our “elected representatives” are raising kid’s interest rates.

Greedy corporations have closed thousands of U.S. factories and sent the production overseas; only to increase profit. As a result, American workers can’t find jobs. Some say six people are vying for every available job. Salaries for working people are lagging. The top few percent of Americans have taken some 95 percent of all income gains since the 2009 recession. Our “elected representatives” have canceled unemployment checks for millions of Americans.

Claims are made that such help “creates a dependency that steals motivation.” When no jobs can be had isn’t it actually the offshoring of American industry that “creates a dependency?” Twenty-five percent of young Americans of working age are now living in their parent’s homes because they can’t find good paying jobs.

Unfortunately, we can’t seem to rely on our elected representatives who seem to embody the kind of greed and mismanagement that comes of huge cash donations to their re-election campaigns. Words like “greatness, freedoms, God-fearing and dependency” are designed to take our eye off the ball. Instead we should follow the money; it really is greed that is threatening our country.

Patrick Hunter


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