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Letter: GarCo welcoming gun troubles

The Garfield County commissioners have said they will not honor the red flag law since it is a violation of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Sheriff Lou Vallario said he will enforce the law only because he could go to jail by not doing so. 

[Regarding the Florida teen who posed a threat in Denver last week], the county commissioners have not defended this girl’s right to bear arms because, of course, she is mentally disturbed. She did not break any laws and has no criminal background.  

According to our commissioners’ “2nd Amendment [preservation],” she would have been welcome in Garfield County. This situation is exactly what the red flag law, signed by our governor  was meant to address. Don’t you know that her family certainly wished that her gun could have been confiscated? 

The red flag law would have allowed her family and police to remove a gun from her possession. Now, a mentally disturbed 18-year-old is dead and thank heavens no other young people suffered the same fate by her hands. My grandchildren live in Golden, and their day care was shut down.

Deborah Dawson

Glenwood Springs

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