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Letter: Gas wells don’t belong in neighborhoods

Sirs – (letter originally addressed to the COGCC)

   This is in regard to Ursa Resources’ planned wastewater injection well and 24 new gas wells right inside the Battlement Mesa PUD that you will be reviewing Jan. 29.

   The proposed gas wells are as close as 340 feet from a home. State law is a minimum of a 500-foot setback and Ursa will request a variance. Soon, signatures will be collected for a ballot initiative in November that calls foe a 2500-foot setback.

   In September, University of Colorado scientists published a study establishing a strong correlation between injection wells and the increased incidence of earthquakes in the Raton Basin along the Colorado/New Mexico border. The paper reports the pressure generated by these wells is more than enough to cause rock formations to slip along fault lines.

   What do we do with the wastewater generated by Battlement Mesa’s gas wells? Cap off the wells and don’t drill any new ones. No wastewater. No problem. They shouldn’t have been there to begin with. The decision to allow drilling inside the PUD was unconscionable. The only reason Ursa wants them there is the infrastructure is already there. They don’t have to build roads or water lines.

   My parents retired to Battlement Mesa in the ‘80s. To see what’s happened to that lovely community makes me very sad.

Fred Malo  Jr.


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