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Letter: Gateway to what?

Dick Prosence

Ms. Bethel passionately describes the new river crossing in Glenwood Springs as a gateway to the future (Post Independent 12/10/15).

My vision is that in 20 years or so the citizens of the city will be pleading for relief from CDOT from total breakdown of traffic flow on Grand Avenue. Of course, CDOT’s reply will be, “We solved that problem with the new bridge we built for you a few years ago.”

According to the traffic engineer for CDOT, Grand Avenue has all ready reached capacity. Recently a news story reported a request for approval of proposals for 1,000 homes in the mid- and upper Roaring Fork Valley. If approved, this will add about 10,000 trips to traffic on SH 82. Hundreds of acres of open land await development. Get the picture?

After much pain and suffering, Glenwood Springs will have a new river crossing but it won’t much of a “gateway.”

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