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Letter: Gerbaz family a pillar of the community

I would like to congratulate Fred, Edna and Don Gerbaz on the completion of their new Berthod Motors dealership — first class and well done.

The Gerbaz family has been one of the longtime pillars of this community. Their hard work, integrity and loyalty is unmatched. Way to go Fred, Edna and Donny; you should be proud.

On a more humourous note, despite being 10 times the size in structure and complexity, the new Berthod dealership was completed before the new RFTA terminal in Glenwood. Both projects started exactly the same time. You can tell how badly both of these projects were really needed.

Next time RFTA has a project, please call Fred to get it done on a real budget and in a timely manner.

Again, congratulations to the Gerbaz family.

Terry Fattor

Glenwood Springs

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