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Letter: Get gun training

In response to “Carrying a gun doesn’t make you part of the solution”:

Although I agree that most who carry lack the proper training, there is a solution for that: Get training. My Roaring Fork-based business, Alpine Tactical, offers such instruction from highly trained and experienced veterans. Receive proper instruction, train regularly and you can be prepared for a violent encounter.

It’s not magic. Members of the military and law enforcement are not ninjas who somehow are holders of forbidden knowledge on how to respond to violence. It’s all training. Put in the work and train your mind, body and skills. It’s called being a warrior, and your ancestors didn’t need any government or the blessings of cowards to become one. Choose strength over weakness. Strength always wins.

I disagree that most concealed carriers are bloodthirsty “cowboys” looking for a fight, as you seem to be making them out to be. Most concealed carriers are only trying to protect themselves and their families and are a threat to no one. They are actually making the community safer. All of the evidence and statistics prove this, and any anti-gun position is based on emotion rather than fact.

I understand it’s very trendy in some circles to look down upon gun ownership and maintain an anti-gun stance, but I would ask those trying to ban them, how are you going to do so? You who fear violence (a part of life), deny it exists and do not own any weapons are going to tell the people who have a healthy relationship with violence (accept it as a part of life), train regularly and own weapons to turn in their guns? Not going to work out well for you. Will you try and convince the state to confiscate these weapons by force (use of violence)? You will then only prove that you are not the pacifist you make yourself out to be as you endorse state violence against your fellow citizens. Such a scenario would most likely create a civil war, which would create a whole lot of violence for you people who supposedly look down upon its use.

Kevin Callahan


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