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Letter: Get rid of TABOR?

Jane Spaulding

If it were that simple that our governor and the state Legislature could be trusted to not simply spend us into oblivion. Ask your parents sometime. Can they spend money they don’t have, or if they lose their jobs, do they have enough money to get by until they find another job?

The fact of the matter is that our state has funds that are not given back to citizens, there are funds left untouched. For those students who think that TABOR should be eliminated, then get in touch with those who represent the Western Slope in Colorado. There were several years that we didn’t get any refunds.

Do you students realize that the governor has put on taxes on everything we buy, except the air we breathe? He has “fees,” which are taxes that go up every year, on our vehicles. This impacts not only us, but the farmers and ranchers. Every vehicle whether, it’s on the road or sitting in the farm field, has taxes on it above and beyond what we used to pay.

Taxes are raised on us every single year. Our medial expenses go up each year. Our Insurances go up each year, but our Income sometimes never goes up, sometimes goes up only a few dollars. I think the students are just seeing a small piece of the picture. Our federal government has managed to raise taxes until there is no such thing has not paying taxes even on your IRAs when you cash them in.

As far as the taxes on marijuana, this was our governor’s plan. He was licking his chops when the said that the taxes were going to go a long way to paying for items that he wanted. Now marijuana has created far more problems than it has solved. Nothing is black and white. Perhaps your tax ideas may be worthwhile. Maybe not, We simply cannot afford any more taxes.

Our fire department needs more money too, but that was voted down as well, Before you decide that taxes need to be raised, we need to know where that money is going.

Just some food for thought.

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