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Letter: Get the pot shops out of town

I would like to address the letter to the editor from Brad Gates in the July 1 Post Independent.

As you can tell by the outpouring of the people here in Glenwood Springs, not everyone voted for marijuana to be recreational.

It has amazed many of us in this area how it passed. Perhaps, as we all well know, many ballots are worded to confuse the vote. I have had many reminders over the years as to how to vote to make sure your wishes are known. It is not always a straight yes or no.

Yes, Brad, I am sure there are as many professionals with money as there are bums who sleep under the bridge who use marijuana. We all know what these “bums” do to get the money it takes to purchase their pot.

There are many repercussions from excessive use of this drug:

It destroys the brain of our youth if used while growing up.

Excessive drug users too high on any substance will either harm themselves or someone else.

Hikers may even fall off a cliff.

Skiers can, in a lot of cases, hurt themselves or injure some innocent bystander on the slopes. I have always stopped by the side of the slope to let them go first.

Too many drugs of any kind harm restaurants and motels/hotels.

Both sexes who use drugs will likely, at some point, abuse their children in one way or the other — and even condone their child’s use of pot.

There is absolutely no discrimination to the medical marijuana users. Severe pain and problems are difficult to live with. It took my husband three years to die because of cancer and he absolutely refused to take the hard, hard drugs because it made him sleep too much.

I do not know how a person high on marijuana behaves, but it cannot be much different than a drunk. And we all have low opinions of them.

I found it interesting that someone said at the City Council meeting Thursday night that some of their customers do not want to be seen going into a marijuana store. Get real. It is now legal, but you don’t want your friends and neighbors to know you are users.

I am imploring our city officials to keep our downtown streets safe for those who live, walk these streets to go to a restaurant, entertainment or just to go walking. Put these shops out of the city limits.

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