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Letter: Getting rid of Hecksel childish

Bruce Munroe
Former information systems director, Glenwood Springs
Tucson, Arizona

I worked for the City of Glenwood Springs for nine years. I suffered the indignity of numerous Thursday nights in council chambers listening to unresolved agenda items, each persisting to next week’s session as certain residents with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement thwarted attempts at compromise.

City staff (in particular the city manager) routinely took responsibility for alienating some narrow, squeaky subset of a constituency that chewed on council’s ear. Most of council understood the challenges of working with difficult residents or entities. They tried hard to assuage the disappointment that sometimes accompanies change. Remember getting approval for the speed tables on Midland? You would have thought they were installing land mines for all the bickering about this one.

Progress is further thwarted after council election cycles. This election process always yields one or two freshman who choose to exert influence in public having failed to quell the ego in their private endeavors. They tend give voice to the minority interests (birds of a feather) and stall the same processes which are then used as fodder for some form of purging. The fallout isn’t really the issue. The problem is that these types never have a second act. Their joy is flipping the apple cart.

I don’t know if the Glenwood business community’s needs haven’t been met or if cause existed for letting the city manager go.

Getting rid of Jeff Hecksel was childish. I spent nine years with the city and another 20 in other public and private sector interests. I have never worked with anyone with more integrity.

I also want to apologize to the staff at the city. Many will be mortified to hear me stoke the furnace from afar. The senior staff there are possessed of greater humility than I am. This is a personality trait that comes from being hindered and doing a great job anyway.

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