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Letter: Getting the facts straight on trucks and tarps

An answer to Greg Jeung’s letter in the Sept. 14 Post Independent is necessary to get the facts straight on trucks, tarps and dyed fuel.

Mr. Jeung flaps about how trucks are running with no tarps. Does he need glasses? The DOT has surprise inspections quite often to enforce the tarp and fuel laws. Having been in the trucking business in the Aspen for 45 years, I watch for offenders. Most of the offenders are two- and three-axle dump trailers pulled by pickup trucks owned by landscapers and driven by non-commercial licensed operators. They tend to overload their vehicles and have no tarps on them.

The law states that any vehicle with a gross weight of 26,000 pounds or more needs an operator with a commercial license. Many of these landscapers have no license, not to mention a commercial one. Some are not even insured. It is their vehicles and the small sedans that pick up small stones off the road and fling them into Mr. Jeung’s and my vehicles. I have replaced three windshields in the last year, all in my personal cars. If all cars had mud flaps, this would not happen. All trucks are required to have mud flap that extend to within 8 inches of the road.

As far as Mr. Jeung’s statement about dyed fuel being run in trucks, this is also untrue. Truckers are not allowed to pump red fuel at the truck stops into their trucks and the fine is $1,000 if you are caught. The landscapers, on the other hand, use pickups that the DOT has a hard time checking. In Arizona, the 2008 survey found that 88 percent of the scofflaws were pick-up operators. So Mr. Jeung, run your nonsense facts back in the hangar.

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