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Letter: Glenwood High AP courses required

Will Grandbois’ recent article “Glenwood High celebrates rising AP numbers” describes how impressive it is that more and more students are challenging themselves by taking rigorous, college-level classes.

This article, while interesting, was lacking a key detail: Students are required to take an AP class. I don’t know if Grandbois was not informed of this, or if he chose to leave it out, but here’s the full story. I am a junior at Glenwood Springs High School, and like most of the junior class, I am required to take AP Language and Composition.

At the assembly, the Colorado Education Initiative’s executive director, Glenna Norvelle, asked how many of us were taking AP classes. Nearly all the students in the junior class dutifully raised their hands. At this point, Ms. Norvelle congratulated all of us for “stepping up” to the challenge of AP classes.

After she said that, and for the rest of the hour-long assembly, there was an atmosphere of confusion and disbelief from the students. We looked at each other, baffled by the lavish praise. We were being told how great we are for taking an AP class, when there is no other option. Several times, I heard, “We have to take the AP class,” from people around me. But never once was this mentioned by Mr. Freeman or Ms. Norvelle.

I began to wonder. Was she truly unaware that we had no choice? Or was she trying to keep the true reason for rising AP numbers firmly in the dark? Either way, there are dire implications. If she does know and “neglects” to mention it, then she is being misleading to the press and the public. If she does not know, then it is the high school that is being misleading.

Neither prospect is encouraging.

Evan Carrington

Glenwood Springs

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