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Letter: Glenwood police force is MIA

Now that Bobby Joe Honeycutt has confessed to the PI and asked for forgiveness from the civil body politic of GWS for the Seventh Street flowerpot vandalism, and after reading on the front page that Police Chief Terry Wilson “laments over disruption of persistent troublemakers,” the time has arrived for the business people of GWS to wake up and smell the coffee and fire Chief Wilson.

Chief Wilson laments over the persistent troublemakers, yet his officers are absent without leave on the streets whereon the small restaurants, the mountain bike shops and large hotels are economically dependent for family tourist trade walking on GWS streets. As we all know, time and again, from the 19th century police model of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, public drunks stand in front of Doc Holliday’s whiskey saloon in the middle of the afternoon obstructing tourism dollars from GWS cash registers, while Chief Wilson’s well-funded police force is MIA.

Please be cognizant GWS business community: The culture Wilson has manifested within your police department is 19th century and an antithesis to increasing your top line. To easily prove my point, remember New York City Mayor Giuliani and his community police policy? During his first term as mayor of New York City, Giuliani hired a new police commissioner, William Bratton, who applied the broken windows theory of urban decay, which holds that minor disorders and violations such as Honeycutt’s create a permissive atmosphere that lead to further and more serious crimes that can threaten the safety and the economy of a city. Within months, Giuliani was widely credited for major improvements in the city’s tourism industry. Under Giuliani, Broadway became safe once again from the homeless.

After you fire Wilson, have the new police chief place officers on mountain bikes in front of Eagles and Doc Holliday’s and Feed My Sheep and the basement of the Methodist Church “soup.” This Giuliani tactic will clean the streets of GWS from public drunkenness and the meth trade by having a police force physically out in front of deviant behavior. Just think about it for a moment: The Wilson model is his police force is waiting for an Amish man from Indiana to dial 911 and report a drunk in front of Eagles saloon.

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