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Letter: Glenwood senior housing

I am one of the great numbers of baby boomers readily approaching “rewirement,” (or retirement), which brings up a real issue in our Glenwood Springs community that needs to be addressed: retirement/senior housing.

I have lived in this community for 42 years — raised my family, been active in the community and continue to work here at present. And I don’t want to leave when needing increased amenities for healthy aging. Many others have voiced this issue to me also. There is limited government-subsidized available for those who qualify, but I’m talking about a large number of other individuals.

Other communities are, or have, addressed this issue. It’s time for Glenwood to step up. Baby boomers, and anyone else, let your voices also be heard. Support the issue of retirement/senior housing.

Linda Maggiore

Glenwood Springs

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