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Letter: Glenwood Springs Ride of Silence is May 20

The 13th annual Glenwood Springs “Ride of Silence” is one of the bicycle tours that take place every year on the third Wednesday in May (National Bicycling Month) all over the world. It is to pay tribute to cyclists who have been killed in traffic accidents while biking. In the past, I’ve managed to coordinate the Sayre Park ride with help from friends. Due to schedule conflicts, I won’t be able to ride this year, so please ride your own “Ride of Silence.” In addition to honoring those who have been killed in an accident while cycling, the ride is intended to raise awareness of the legal obligation of a motorist to share the road with cyclists and cyclists to obey the rules of the road. Remember, always wear a bike helmet while riding. See you next year. More information: http://www.rideofsilence.org.

Lorry Carlson

Glenwood Springs

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