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Letter: Glenwood, you got what you wanted

Rosemarie Romeo

Attending the Grand Avenue Bridge meeting last week was sad. When I visited Glenwood Springs in the ‘70s, people opposed building a bypass because it would make our town a “ghost town.” You wanted traffic in the downtown area. Well, you got it. Now some of the same people and other newcomers want a bypass and are accusing CDOT of cramming the new bridge plan down our throats.

One thing at a time. The new bridge is a magnificent addition to our community. Personally, I see no need to destroy our old, nostalgic bridge. We should make it two lanes as originally designed and make the outer lanes pedestrian and bike paths. Once the new bridge is completed we should dead-end Sixth Street before Laurel. It would keep our nostalgic old bridge that suits the town for strictly local traffic. The old bridge can be repaired and upgraded as needed and last the town another hundred years when it is only used for the traffic it was designed for.

If my memory serves me correctly, in 2020 CDOT will assess the need of a bypass again and build a new bypass, but its going to take years.

I’ve lived in the valley since 1983 and have had a business in Glenwood. I consider people who are opposed to the bridge as friends. Now I’m asking all of you to have better foresight and give positive input to this project and put up with the mess for a while to have an even more beautiful town in the future.

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