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Letter: Glenwood’s traffic struggles

Once again we read of the people of Glenwood wanting cars off side streets and onto Grand. That makes perfect sense if you look at the decisions Glenwood has made over the last 40 years concerning traffic.

Citizens for Saving Grand Avenue thinks a new bridge equals more traffic and wanted the bridge stopped. The inability of Glenwood residents to see reality and come to a consensus concerning traffic is laughable at this point.

There has been a group of “concerned Glenwood residents” against every traffic movement suggestion or improvement in the last 40 years. So now Glenwood is getting a huge bridge shoved up its Grand Avenue that could have been avoided with the Eighth street realignment and a bypass on the Rio Grande rail line. Now we read about speed bumps for Blake.

Brilliant. Get ready to lose parking on Grand and have six lanes going 45 mph. (Think about what the new bridge may facilitate before you put speed bumps on every street.)

Brad Gates

New Castle

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