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Letter: Global warming and Glenwood traffic

Fred Stewart
Grand Junction

That global warming is occurring is a fact, it’s just a matter of how it occurs and what the consequences are. The great documentary “Chasing Ice” shows dramatically less ice in the north via time-lapse photography. How about the South Pole? If so, what are the causes: man-made or natural or some combination of both? So what are the consequences of global warming? Some say it is global cooling. What a paradox.

This might be a good analogy for getting traffic through Glenwood. Whether one agrees with Dick Prosence on any other issue, agree with him on traffic through Glenwood. He and Dan Blankenship have the timeline well-documented and have the collective memory, and are amenable on critical sticking points. Hopefully this will be acknowledged by the City Council.

It’s a fading opportunity if plans preclude traffic over or under or adjacent to the rail corridor. Eminent domain, hard rock tunnels and escalating costs loom … if anything is to be done at all.

Wish the new council members the best; they, and present council are the future. There are no great hypotheticals involved.

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