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Letter: Global warming is incontestable

Mr. Buerger criticized President Obama’s saying man-made climate change is the most serious threat to the nation. He cited a paper at epic-us.com in support. However, “Freedom Agenda 21” (sic) is a statement of ideology, not a climate change analysis. Climate change is a few paragraphs in 98 pages written by forestry Ph.D. Michael Coffman. Ph.D. reviewers were “26 experts and leaders around the world.”

Buerger labeled them “real scientists, not celebrities or activists.” They include Phyllis Schlafly (?!) and Robert Balling. Balling is a Ph.D. geographer who has accepted money for climate-denying “studies,” testimony and books from fossil fuel interests since the ’80s. British Coal, Western Fuels, Cypress Mining, Kuwait, ExxonMobil and many other fossil-fuel interests and fronts are among his sponsors. He currently is in the stable of the Heartland Institute, a Koch-funded climate skeptical organization. In 1998 he admitted receiving $408,000.

The Oregon Petition, the majority of the Buerger’s letter, was circulated in 1992 by Frederick Seitz, longtime director of R.J. Reynolds’ “medical research” division. The National Academy of Sciences, finding inaccuracies in the original documents, including “misappropriation” of their scientific study format, stated:

“The [Oregon Petition] was a deliberate attempt to mislead scientists and to rally them in an attempt to undermine the Kyoto Protocol. The petition was not based on a review of the science of global climate change, nor were its signers experts in the field of climate change.”

Peter Doran, Ph.D., whose climate and paleoenvironmental reconstruction research has spanned the globe, but is particularly focused on both polar regions, stated:

“The debate on the authenticity of global warming and the role played by human activity is largely non-existent among those who understand the nuances and [science] of long-term climate processes.”

His 2014 TED talk goes further, blaming fossil fuel interests, an inattentive media and extreme right-wing “noise” for Americans thinking there is still a credible debate.

Mr. Buerger isn’t alone. We, the American people, have been deliberately deceived. The science behind our currently accelerating global warming is incontestable. Become up-to-date and engage the issue now.

David Schroeder

New Castle

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