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Letter: Good experience at beauty academy

Doreen Clavell

Driving from Aspen to GWS to purchase inexpensive hair color from a box is when I decided to treat myself. So I headed over to the Glenwood Beauty Academy — wow — was that the right move as I was seated by an adorable student, Jasmine M. She listened intently to my boring request of a single process and then suggested one step further: highlights. Feeling confident in her professionalism I went with her suggestion of highlights which has brightened my world (and hair).

The students clinic at the Glenwood Beauty Academy affords many spa services, which gives students an opportunity to practice their skill with the supervision of a licensed teacher who on my day was Shelly Rosa. It was interesting to see the communication of artistry between teacher and student. You know I will return as Jasmine was a pure delight, I truly enjoyed my day, the price was right and most of all my hair looking fabulous with the highlights.

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