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Letter: Goodness in Glenwood

Annig and Howard Raley
Glenwood Springs

We were walking down Bennett Avenue to the pool as a white truck with two men drove down 11th Street.

In an instant, Howard’s toe caught a cement lip and, without breaking the fall, he slammed headfirst into the hardened earth. No response, eyes wide open and a pool of blood streaming into the concrete. Sunglasses molded from the impact and they actually, diverted the direct impact.

We had no cell. No one was around, so I started to scream, “Help!” and run up to our home. A woman across the street opened her door with cell in hand.

I ran back to Howard and there were the two men with cell in hand, communicating with the dispatcher. In no time from here, a woman and child came out with cloths, friends from the back yard instantly appeared and so did the EMTs. A good two hours in ER with the best of care was Howard’s only memory. Mine is the details that made me grateful to have the assistance of all, faces I remember, and especially the two men who came back to help. Big thank you.

Howard’s eye now matches his maroon polo.

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