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Letter: GOP acting in the interest of wealth and greed

One percent of Americans own 40 percent of the stock market. When the number becomes 10 percent, they collectively own 90 percent of the stock market. That equates to total ownership of America: its property; large business; corporations and politics.

The political arm of that wealth is the wholly owned and controlled Republican Party. The professed agenda of that party includes: having the corporate-controlled Supreme Court endorse legislation that allows elections to be purchased; a nationwide attack on the voting rights of minorities and the poor, through the gerrymandering of voting districts and fraudulent attempts to purge voting lists; the crippling of American education: diluting the curriculum with trash science, religious dogma, the deprivation of funding and the stealth takeover of school boards by religious zealots.

Furthermore, in the fanatical attempt to make the first black president fail, they have obstructed and impeded the political and economic business of the country, caused the loss of billions of dollars in commerce, major damage to the worldwide perception of the United States as a rational nation and major loss in the prestige and authority of the office of the presidency. Acting in the interest of wealth and greed they have engineered the destruction of laws protecting citizens, the country and the world from the criminal behavior that led to the recent economic collapse. This is just the short list of the intentional damage done to our country solely for political/economic gain.

This week we have seen the images and heard the words of John F. Kennedy who inspired this nation and all of its people to greater harmony and a unity of honorable purpose to our nation’s endeavors. Among the current crop of bought and sold sleazy lobbyists, hangers-on and politicians of dubious loyalty to the nation in Washington today, not one would be fit to lick his shoes.

Wake up. Watch and listen to what’s happening. This is the greatest outright assault on democracy since the founding.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

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