Letter: GOP letter was sedition

R.W. Boyle
New Castle

Aren’t we living in interesting times? The Republican Party, the party of un-American obstruction of the nation’s business, purchased elections, the war on women and the environment and numerous other distasteful efforts, has now turned to treason and sedition to oppose the black man in the White house whom they hate and fear.

Taking a family squabble public for the third or fourth time in the last year or so, completely embarrassing the United States before the world. Not to mention undermining the office of the president, twice in a single month. This wasn’t just schoolboy stupid folks, these fools did intentional, serious damage to the functionality, traditions and credibility of our country for a petty political purpose.

These “hawks” who want a few more profitable wars, who claim we are in a “war” now, on terrorism or whatever, have therefore committed sedition by their own definition. Actually one of the signers of this travesty is a military officer and that is real sedition, a violation of the UCMJ as well as her oath. Every one of these disloyal idiots needs to be impeached for the violation of their oath of office. Not only did they give “aid and comfort to enemies of The United States,” those they picked to get in bed with are the largest promoters of state-sponsored terrorism on the planet. Even so, the nice ayatollah sent the stupid letter back, pointing out that it just proved that the U.S. was fractious and duplicitous. Reread the comment above about embarrassing our country before the world…

Forty-seven senators, the people elected to make our laws, have you noticed that these are the same people who are busily trying to sell our county out to fascist corporate control? They were all stampeded by a newly elected “rising star” of the party and conned into signing the thing as they were rushing out the door to raise more money from their rich masters. They forgot to deliberate and study what they were doing and just bit on the party line, hook and sinker.

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