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Letter: Gorgey and Green for commission

Back in the 2007-2009 fracking boom and bust era, Garfield County Commissioners Mike Samson and John Martin were the perfect rubber stamp for O&G interests. However in this election year of 2016, the worm has turned and the market price for natural gas has collapsed.

Furthermore, for the shareholders of the energy companies who have invested in Garfield County natural gas exploration and production, the market value of their shares fell with the collapse of the price of natural gas. These investors in Garfield County are now looking to our local governments for innovative solutions that require skills sets Samson and Martin will never acquire. That said, this letter is written to the voters of Garfield County to suggest that its time to wake up and smell the coffee and replace Samson and Martin in 2016. Of course the question becomes “with who?”

Word on the street is that a young female Republican entrepreneur out of Rifle tried to get a fair hearing from the Republican Party of Garfield County to run in a primary against Samson and she was told by those old white men who inherited their money and farms to: “be quiet and go color.”

Conversely, if you look to the Democrats, you will get the wealth-destroying economic model of democratic socialism, so we can’t look to the Democrats and have any hope of establishing a sustainable livable wage economy in Garfield County and/or acting locally to enhance the market valuation of the Garfield County energy companies’ shares.

Therefore after careful thought, I nominate for Garfield County commissioner to run in 2016 as an unaffiliated independent against Commissioner Mike Samson, former Garfield County manager and current Rifle City Council member, the Honorable Ed Green. Furthermore, I publicly nominate for Garfield County commissioner to run in 2016 as an unaffiliated independent against incumbent Commissioner John Martin, former Garfield county manager and currently acting city manager of Glenwood Springs, the Honorable Andrew Gorgey.

Carl L. McWilliams

Glenwood Springs

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