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Letter: Government has stolen $300M from federal employee pension funds since May

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced in a press interview published on Sept. 25 that the federal government reached its debt-ceiling in May of this year. Since that time, the government has looted or embezzled $300 billion from federal employee pension funds. Lew admitted that these funds will run out by Oct. 17. And we are just finding this out now.

Americans need to force Congress to repeal the law that allows presidents and the federal government to borrow from these pension funds and Social Security. It is these funds that Presidents Bush and Obama borrowed to finance the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These two presidents wanted the debt-ceilings raised so they could continue to fund these wars as well as other excessive spending. Repealing this law is just one step in forcing presidents and Congress to balance or reduce the federal budget. Other major industrial countries do not have debt-ceilings. We need to outlaw the debt-ceiling.

There continues to be a major lack of transparency on the part of our federal government, Congress, and the White House. The government continues to cover-up where they are obtaining their funds to operate the government. There are already billions and trillions of federal funds missing. This irresponsible behavior by our national government has violated the trust of the American people. Think about it.

The federal government, Congress, and several past presidents owe the American people trillions of dollars in tax refunds. There is no budget or tax reform in the works. We have reached that point where Main Street Americans need to cut their own taxes. Let’s shutdown Congress and the White House without their paychecks, and then have a special election right now. The lobbyists and the wealthy 1 percent pay them anyway. I don’t think that the American people can take another year of this dysfunction.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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