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Letter: Grand is more important

One would think that river confluences would be natural focal points, but not always so. They are the points often denied attention despite urban proximity. St. Louis is only near the confluence of the Missouri and the Mississippi, the Ohio and the Mississippi have none, Grand Junction is in name only, from the time when the Gunnison and the Grand met, but alas, nothing more than a railroad bridge.

The San Miguel comes down from Telluride and meets the Dolores inauspiciously and unobserved, and in turn the Dolores meets the Colorado somewhere above the Dewey Bridge. So river confluences are overlooked. That’s what’s so visionary about the proposed development in Glenwood at the confluence of the Roaring Fork and the Colorado.

All this is commendable unless it precludes any future route for traffic through town. In other words, include room for a possible traffic route through that area. If it comes down to dodging traffic on Grand Avenue to pick up dog droppings at the Wye, then something is wrong with the decision-making process. The priorities are flipped around and shortsighted.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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