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Letter: Grand traffic: Just a start

Dick Prosence

“It’s at or over capacity, explained Sean Yeates” in the April 21 Post Independent. Yeates is the CDOT traffic engineer who ought to be in the position to know.

What is not touched on in the article is “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” The Roaring Fork Valley continues to grow, with Carbondale, El Jebel and Basalt, leading the way and many acres of open ground upon which dozens of living spaces can and will be built, each adding about 10 trips a day to SH82 traffic counts. Imagine what crossing Grand Avenue will be like in 10 or 20 years.

New council members should be looking at the best long-term solution between relocating SH82 off of Grand Avenue or having a fancy new bridge that locks these high traffic volumes onto Grand Avenue, maybe forever. But, of course, the latter option includes an elevator and a new pedestrian bridge (not really needed).

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