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Letter: Grandmother for 3B

Melisse Anderson
Fort Collins

I am a grandmother of two boys currently attending Glenwood Springs Elementary School. I have visited many times and have seen classrooms in the basement and the need for new construction throughout this almost 100-year-old building. Furthermore, there are major security issues as students need to go between multiple buildings many times a day.

GSES received a highly competitive $9 million grant from the state that is contingent on whether or not the bond is passed. If the bond issue fails, it is unlikely the district can secure a grant like this again. How disappointing that would be for the community. As everyone knows, construction costs continue to rise and the district’s needs are increasing.

Also, several middle schools are experiencing a squeeze with space and will benefit when the bond passes.

Your kids need your support on 3B to provide positive, safe, secure and uncrowded learning environments.

Vote yes on 3B. Strong schools mean strong communities.

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