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Letter: Gratitude for support

Alana Monge

I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for our Roaring Fork Valley community and the support that my mom and family have received as she has been journeying through breast cancer treatments since her diagnoses in July of this year. The outpouring of support has been very touching and such a blessing for all of us: from friends, family, co-workers, former teachers and even people who don’t directly know my mom. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and shown us love and support during this time.

We have been very impressed with the cancer center at Valley View Hospital and everyone there. The Integrated Therapies department (offering modalities such as massage, healing touch, acupuncture, yoga, a weekly walk and talk support group with a social worker, and a variety of high-quality events) has been an important and integral part of my mom’s treatment. The cancer center has been well thought out and views patients as whole people. Staff there also realize that cancer has so many ripple effects and that caregivers need extra support and care during this time as well. Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, integrated therapies department, and staff at the cancer center and to those who made the center possible.

Pathfinders has also been wonderful during this time, which is an organization that has a variety of offerings to help with spiritual, emotional, physical and mental challenges during this time. Thank you to our main Pathfinders contact, Debbie Harder-Kreitzer, and to all of the volunteers who have made amazing meals.

A gift and blessing throughout this journey for my mom, my dad, my siblings and me has been to receive such care, kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion. It has made all the difference, and is a special opportunity for us to practice the art of receiving, and for my mom to get to see and feel how many people she has impacted in her life, and it’s been a opportunity for them to show her. We are blessed.

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