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Letter: Great gas debate continues

First, I want to thank the press for allowing this ongoing debate between Kent Jolley and myself regarding the issue of natural gas fracking. I am now responding to Mr. Jolley’s last letter, which appeared in the Post Independent April 10.

Actually, his letter was very decent, but I will disagree with a few of his points. Jolley continues to promote the traditional positions of the gas industry. One of those positions is that the industry claims that natural gas is the bridge to our energy future.

This is one of many public relations ploys by the gas industry to brainwash the American public. The gas industry spends millions of dollars in the mainstream media to paint itself as the energy savior of America. The only real bridge it has is the one given to it by the BLM to drill wherever and whenever it wants on public lands.

The energy sainthood of the gas industry just flew out the window. EPA just released the first phase of its national fracking study at the end of March. This report revealed that the gas industry uses almost 700 different chemicals in fracking. This report on 39,000 wells revealed that the industry did not come clean on 70 percent of the well reports. The undisclosed chemicals were trade secrets.

Fifty percent of the wells fracked used over 1.5 million gallons or more of water each. In this study, it estimates that 1 percent of the fracking recipe could mean 10,000 gallons of unknown chemicals. There is much more revealing information in this study than I can provide here. This crucial study was cut short at this time due to industry pressure. This study raises a very big red flag warning for the health and safety of many Americans living in the gas patches.

FYI for Mr. Jolley: I don’t use or need natural gas. I am basically fossil-fuel free. Climate change no longer gives us the luxury of wasting fresh water for fracking.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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