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Letter: Greedy landlords

It is interesting to listen to well-educated individuals discuss affordable housing. They struggle to find a solution to this situation without looking at the cause.

The lack of affordable housing in Garfield County is due to greedy landlords. Without any increase in their mortgages, some landlords have increased what they charge for rent by 50 percent. Just because someone can get away with something does not mean they should.

A studio that was recently listed for $1,000 a month was renting for $800 a month. Other tenants in the same building are paying $650.

What has happened to integrity? What has happened to fairness? Due directly to the greed of landlords, this community has lost some great leaders and incredible individuals. In the next gathering of great minds who are trying to resolve the issue of affordable housing, please discuss the accountability of the landlord.

Holly Smith

Glenwood Springs

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