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Letter: Growth crisis, not a housing crisis

Tim Hogan was spot on with his recent letter to the PI.

The “housing crisis” is a crisis since everyone wants to (now) live in Glenwood or Carbondale or Basalt. Why? Because of the endless promotional “We are so great” stunts put on by the Mouseketeers (marketers) of our slice of paradise.

Glenwood, Carbon Springs, Eagle County and beyond have hundreds and hundreds of new units planned. Isn’t that just great? More traffic, more congestion and crime. How wonderful. Let’s pave paradise – and let’s hurry up, cut corners and go on the cheap.

Our “leaders” should spend more time maintaining the existing (but fading) quality of life. And that time doesn’t including adding more fuel to an already existing fire – or allow for builder short-cuts.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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