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LETTER: Hard to answer Tipton survey

Originally addressed To the editor (and Rep. Scott Tipton)

Rep. Tipton, thank you for sending me a survey and asking me about my opinions. I’m not sure how to answer some questions. In giving me a list of things you should focus on, if I check energy will you push for long-term renewable energy or push for more coal, oil and gas? If I check health care will you continue to posture against Obamacare, or would you actually look for ways to keep costs down and get more people covered?

In another question you seem to be supplying the answer: “… include amnesty for those who broke the law to get here?” You might get a different response if you asked “… include amnesty for those struggling to feed their family or escaping persecution?” Or, you could ask the question neutrally, “include amnesty for those currently here.”

Regarding gun control, I wish you had asked how I feel about background checks for criminals instead of asking about the Second Amendment. I actually believe we could keep guns away from mentally unstable people without threatening the Second Amendment. I’m not sure I’m giving you that message as I check that I support the Second Amendment.

I wish you had asked about your performance, instead of asking about the president’s, especially since this is a 3rd District Survey. I would have liked to give you the following advice: Quit voting to shut down the government. Quit opposing things just because the president supports them. Quit voting along with the Tea Party Republicans. Take a stand on Thompson Divide (and support your constituents in the area instead of the industry that writes you campaign checks).

Peter Westcott


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