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Letter: Headline offensive to ranching

The headline on Gary Wockner’s opinion piece is offensive not only to all who are in the business of ranching, but should be offensive to all who appreciate what ranchers provide, from the open space provided by their private lands to management of the public lands upon which their animals graze to a good supply of cheap, plentiful food.

With the extremely high amount of public lands in Garfield County (65 percent), access to grazing on public lands is essential to maintain the balance that makes ranching economically feasible.

Would the editor prefer to see more housing on the ranchlands in the Roaring Fork, Crystal and Colorado River valleys? Selling the lands for development and the water rights for growth is the natural outgrowth when ranching becomes infeasible.

It is understandable that the author would take this stance. He is an “environmentalist” who lives on the other side of the divide. Among his targets is a water project that would enable the Front Range to use more of their own, native water supplies, instead of continuing to take more West Slope water. But that project is in his backyard. However, I would expect our local paper to be more aware of the economics which support Garfield County.

David Merritt

Glenwood Springs

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