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Letter: Health-care steps we need

Thanks to columnist Lindsay DeFrates for pointing out in her column May 3 the “outrageous” costs and inefficiencies of our health care system. Actually, we don’t have a health-care system, but rather a disease management system, which is bankrupting individuals and our country. “Obamacare” was a baby step in the right direction but obviously didn’t go far enough.

As a family physician in Glenwood for 42 years and having had a positive experience in the Indian Health System (“socialized medicine” at its best) for two years, my opinion is that in order to improve the situation, the following have to happen:

1. We need a single-payer system that covers everyone, similar to what Canada and most European countries have.

2. Congress needs to stand up to pharmaceutical lobbyists and let the new “Medicare for all” system negotiate with pharmaceutical companies in order make pharmaceuticals less costly.

3. Doctors should get free medical education, and pay back by serving for two years in underserved areas of the U.S.

4. Doctors should then get a salary in lieu of the current payment system, which financially rewards ordering tests and doing procedures.

5. There needs to be a financial incentive for patients to improve their lifestyle and thereby prevent disease, and for doctors to encourage this.

Please vote for Colorado Care (Measure 69) in November, which is a step in the right direction.

Greg Feinsinger, M.D.


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