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Letter: Health is all about choices

Remember when Dr. Dean Ornish and Pritikin were wackos; and when the theory that exercise and the food we eat could cure heart disease and diabetes were radical ideas? Decades later, science has proved that these ideas weren’t radical, they are true. What to do with that information? Ignore it? Keep eating fast food and hot dogs and chips and candy bars? Or … do we make different personal choices that have the power to transform our bodies and our broken health care system?

What if we decided, each on an individual basis, based on our own beliefs, to choose health each time we ate? We would find that by making better food choices, we could get off medications, avoid surgeries, and heal ourselves and our country. Not such radical thoughts anymore. It’s not about health insurance. Health insurance is about politics and corruption. Dr. Sanjay Gupta said that having health insurance does not make us healthy. That’s true. What makes us healthy is our lifestyle choices. Not all diseases can be avoided, but most can. We need insurance for the diseases that can’t be avoided. The belief that we go to the doctor and they give us a pill so we can keep eating badly and continue not getting enough exercise must change.

As for motivation to change, here are a few ideas. You want to fit into those old jeans. You want to be clear-headed and strong again. You want to avoid aging badly, or that stent or heart surgery. You want to be spiritual and really make your body be your temple. Pick one. Go for it. Yes, it takes effort and personal accountability. And the food industry and fast food industry do not make it easy. We’ve been duped. Fight back. It’s hard to change a lifestyle, but highly rewarding. It must be done. We can’t be healthy and eat a S.A.D. (standard American diet). It isn’t possible. Let’s solve this thing on an individual basis. Choose personal accountability.

Carol Turtle

Glenwood Springs

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