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Letter: Here are some lights to be upset about

Dawn Robison

It seems like some people are upset about the lights at the Glenwood Adventure Park. At least they’re Christmas lights.

You folks want to get upset about lights? Take a drive on I-70 between New Castle and Parachute some night, and look at all of the drilling sites. If you can see at all, take special notice of the gas drilling site just east of Silt on the south side of the highway. It’s lit up like the landing strip in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” On a cloudy night the whole area is lit up.

This is what I try to not look at every night from our front deck. The deck used to be my favorite place to sit at night to look at the stars and twinkling lights of the town of Silt. We bought our house on the south side of the Colorado River three years ago. If we had known we would be subjected to the lights, noise, dust and traffic of these mega-industrial operations, we would not be living there.

I could go on but won’t bore you. Let me leave you with this thought: with drilling so close to the Colorado River, what do you think would happen to the water supply if an accident occurred and the river was contaminated?

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