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Letter: Hershey: An asset to community

Jonathan Lowsky

I am writing this letter in support of Tony Hershey in his bid for Glenwood Springs City Council. I have known Tony for more than 15 years. He is highly intelligent, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable.

As a former prosecutor with the 9th Judicial District under three different District Attorneys, Tony’s understanding of the intricate and diverse political and socio-economic issues facing the City of Glenwood Springs in both the short- and long-term runs deep.

His experience as a councilman in Aspen provides him with a broad view of valleywide issues as well. Mr. Hershey is well liked and respected by his former co-workers at the DA’s office as well as the judges of the 9th District.

Tony is gifted in his ability to listen to all sides of any issue, do his own research and arrive at an informed decision. He is an asset to the community and would make an outstanding Councilman. Please vote for Tony Hershey for City Council.

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