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Letter: Hershey for Glenwood council

As a two-term member of the Glenwood Springs City Council who had the privilege of being selected mayor three times, I feel that I have acquired insight into strengths that can contribute most to the effective governance of our community and would like to offer my strong support for Tony Hershey.

Tony is an exceptionally intelligent and open-minded individual who will put the interests of Glenwood’s citizens first. He will not be entering office with any preconceived ideas, biases or obligations to supporters. In my opinion, this is an extremely important quality, as council decisions must consistently be based on objective analysis and thoughtful review. Tony’s knowledge of government and proven skills related to negotiation and working with others to solve complex problems will also serve to expand the expertise and effectiveness of our City Council.

Glenwood Springs has endured two significant economic downturns in recent years with minimal impact on its citizens or the city’s ability to fulfill its obligations to them. This is a result of both the exceptional skill of our management team and the leadership of our elected officials. I trust Tony Hershey to continue this very effective partnership and always act for the good of the community as a whole rather than through strategic alliances that may benefit special interests.

Bruce Christensen

Glenwood Springs

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